Achille Talarico

Catanzaro, 1837 - Napoli 1902

He studied in Naples with Giuseppe Mancinelli, and then he attended the Institute of Arts where he turned into a sincere follower of Domenico Morelli. Talarico made his debut with the painting Le Ricordanze, at the Promotrice Napoletana, where he exhibited again in the 1867 and 1868 with the painting Dopo un ballo, acquired by the Royal House for the Capodimonte Museum in Naples. In 1870 Talarico attended the Trade and Agricultural Exposition in Salerno achieving great success and being rewarded with the silver medal. In 1882 he exhibited at the Brera's Exhibition in Milan, deserving here as well a true triumph with the work I coniugi Sannini.

He was a lone painter, distant from trends or groups; Talarico painted with rapid, loose, bold and sensual strokes, with strong lightning effects, often exploiting the photography technique. Excellent portrayer (Ritratto di Matteo Schilizzi, Ritratto della signora Colella, Ritratto della moglie, Donna che suona il mandolino), praised as one of the best of his time since Vittorio Imbriani, Talarico was even compared to degas and Manet, so much that his female portraits became major events in the Neapolitan artistic environment.

His works are displayed in several museums and public places: the Pitti gallery, L'uomo col guanto; S. Martino museum, Ritratto di Antonio Villari; S. Pietro a Maiella Music Conservatory of Naples, Ritratto del compositore di opere buffe Valentino Fioravanti and Ritratto del compositore F. Mendelssonh Bartholdy; National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Ricordi, Idillio, Dama in dÚcolletÚ; Bank of Naples, Povera mamma; Napoli Provincial Administration, FelicitÓ dei campi. Talarico painted sacred themes as well as testified by paintings like Mater dolorosa and Immacolata Concezione.

He was Honorary professor of the BBAA Institute of Naples and Knight of the Italian Crown.

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